Friday, December 15, 2017


Rest, my Lord upon my heart & Life. My soul Longs& hungers for thy merciful hand to trace my Life by your Everlasting Grace & mercy...North winds Blow across the Valleys of my heart, Holy Spirit dew of Heaven drop down from your Heavens Sanctuary upon my Life, lead me Lord into your Courts of Holiness. Upon the Alter of Your Love & Sacrifice, I surrender my Life, My Heart & my all to Your Righteousness & Salvation. Lord as i come to your Brook i Hunger & thirst for You alone. Along this life i am just a sojourner thru this wilderness valley. I know your Spirit abides within, even on this lonely travel of the Heart & Soul ~ as Autumns Beauty Fades into Winters Light, I lift my eyes toward your Holy Sanctuary& will forever lift my Hearts song in Praise to You my Lord ~ Selah ~ Amen

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