Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New year's

Going into the new year i pray the Lord Blesses all my Fb Freinds and family here  and abroad in Christ , i Pray for this Nation The eyes of the Lord are upon the Sparrow and He will keep you all in His care , thank you Lord for your Abundance of Love Grace and mercy over your people and nations , that all things are under you and your sovereignity , nothing passes by you that you dont see and allow for your purposes whether good or bad , your Grace is sufficient for your Children , thank you for healing and Restoration toward all that come to your Cross and Salvation , thank you Lord for your Word of TRUTH, thank You for taking dried up bones and breathing Across these valleys new LIFE in them. And that we can overcome and move any Mountain that we face in the sweet Name of Jesus, In Christ you make your Children overcomers and by this we stand, we stand upon the sure foundation of our Lord and His Name IN FAITH WE STAND ~ Amen

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