Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cystic fibrosis

Haven't been feeling all that hot I have been sick I am not been getting any better which it just seems like I am going downhill my pulmonary function test stats is 59%which sucks but I just have to take whatever is being thrown at me I am kind of doing it to myself because I am refusing to go to the hospital what is not Suited for people that has a health condition that what I have and which is CF.
Regular antibiotics doesn't work on me like they should that's just because I need IV antibiotics because I haven't had IV antibiotics since 2015
And I will not be getting the help I need anytime soon.

United States 2016 presidential election

November 8, 2016
Today is the big day for the new president to be elected let's hope for the best for who gets elected because how they Carey our  Country that's what matters The most so let's pray that the president will make our Country great again because I would not want to see one nation under God being taken away from us and that is a big deal to Everyone Who stand for what they believe in because this is what this country is about let's keep it strong and let's keep it alive  one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. That's what this country is about so when everyone votes just keep that in mind when you make your big decision because when you cast your ballot you can't take it back so make your vote count.

Psalm 69:32-33

The poor will see and be glad, you who seek God, may your hearts live! The Lord hears the needy and does not despise his captive people. The poor will see and be glad, you who seek God, may your hearts live! The Lord hears the needy and does not despise his captive people. Psalm 69:32-33


We must come together as a nation. I condemn all types of racism and acts of violence. Peace to ALL Americans!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Family dinner

Where's my dinner??

One nation under God

Donald Trump is our president yes that we know but the true leader is God
God had put Donald Trump in charge to put Faith and prosperity back into our country
Don't follow government follow God don't put your faith into government put your faith into God We are
The United States of America let's reunite together And yes to one nation
under God.


My mom and I are now leaving to the hospital
To fill out paperwork in to pick up the new chemo what I will be starting tomorrow on
Friday July 13th 2018.
Today is
Thursday July 12th 2018.

Future plans

Trying to keep my mind off a lot of things I'm watching Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoons I am drinking hot tea with lemon and honey and I'm eating a bag of beef jerky
A lot of stressful things has been going on and I finally found out what those stressful things are now.

Last time seeing my doctor

Last day for me to see my doctor before he goes to Florida today on Wednesday June 6th 2018
I am is very last patient to see before he leaves.


So I'm thinking about doing a couple changes with different things but I can't say what yet because I have to go through with it but hopefully I will succeed.

Spiritual world

You must have a open mind not just a open mind you must have a open spiritual eye
To see the truth and the light.
Them who are close-minded can't see the truth and the light
Can't see what is actually there.

True energy

I don't like to talk to close minded people to speak with me you have to be open-minded and know the truth for what is there.
You just can't research and talk to people because for whatever is to be delivered it's for what people to believe.

Changes in life

I will be doing a lot of changing within my life with me myself and I my family and the people who I communicate with.
Because it's a environment that you are a round becomes for who you are.
My future is geting brighter that's why I want to make changes.

Good morning

Good Morning
I couldn't get any sleep last night so if I end up falling asleep now
I just might end up getting about 2 hours of sleep
If I'm lucky I would get 3 hours of sleep
I am debating if I should put a pot of hot water on the stove.
To make hot tea this morning.
Just hanging out not doing anything
My nephew had just left off to go to school this morning.

I think I'm going to have myself a toasted ham-and-cheese sandwich with some hot tea this morning that sounds good.
After that I might end up just taking myself a cat nap.
Awesome possum!

A true friend

A Friend.
A friend is somebody that
You will be together until the end of time through the good and bad.
A friend is somebody that you would not lie would not deceive or would not be a shamed being around them.
And they would trust you and your word.

A Friend.
If you're trying to tell your friend the truth about something or someone you would expect for them to believe you
Even if you asked your friend do you even believe me?
And if your friend replies with I kind of do believe you. That means they don't believe you.

A Friend.
I kind of do believe you. That means they don't believe you. how much I hate to say it they don't believe you you can tell them the truth over and over again they will not believe you because they don't​ trust you and friendship is all about trust.

A Friend
A friend would be somebody that would not assume that you would do something stupid to a particular information what you might need from them even if the information is easy to get.
Even if you try to tell your friend that you wood not do anything wrong.

A Friend.
A friend is somebody that would not believe somebody else if they know that there friend there true friend is telling them the real truth
And if they do not believe you that means they are not a friend at all.

A Friend.
Even if you know that your friend is telling you something that is not true but you can't call them out on it because they would think that they are correct.
If you say I'm going to do something and if I tell you I would not that means I am telling you the truth.

A Friend.
If your friend in them telling you that they do not believe you that means they don't believe anything that you got to say to them that is not a friend at all they are just using you because they don't have friends of Their Own.
And no I am no misfit.

A Friend.
I can talk about anything with anyone.
To talk to me you have to trust me to trust me you have to get to know me you can't assume and believe what you want about me if you think I am going to do evil I was not created for that.
I do not act like you and your friends

A glorious thing

Staring​ up in the night sky would be a glorious thing what does make you wonder what is out there so many stars and planets Galaxy after Galaxy just make you think how did everything came to be within 7 days life can be so much more if you think deep within yourselves.2018-02-18

Good morning

Nothing much is going on today just hanging out just drinking my glass of hot tea with lemon and honey that's about it.
I'm just watching videos on the internet.

The grace of God

walking on the road slowly watching every snow flake gently  fall to the earth, waiting for the sun to break through. The Grace of God is seen He is our Anchor⚓

Hot tea

Good morning to all of my awesome people I put a pot of water on the stove so I can get some hot tea made this morning.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


There's going to be changes in my life changes that I do not like.
But hopefully things will get better what I am trying to succeed and I know that I will succeed but always remember this you can't succeed if you give up in the process of succeeding.

Deep thoughts

I'm in very deep thoughts I think if I had a Wayback Machine just like  Mr. Peabody and Sherman I wood go back into the year of 1998 when my family was in full.
I guess eriel is correct get to know her then you will be part of her world. Past to future it's a lot to take in I am now off to my Den goodnight to all of my awesome people have a awesome night and a good night to you as well. I just have to make one phone call and I am going to Dreamland.

Interesting day

Good morning the hot tea has just got finished.
So today is a interesting day my nephew has to go to the hospital how fun but not really his mom dad and himself had just left a few minutes ago
To go to the hospital.
My friend was trying to tell me that I have memory loss because of my health condition I'm always in pain because of my health condition which none of that is true I don't have memory loss and I'm only in pain because of my medication
My health condition is CF, NF, LOL.
The hot tea is now made I'm having myself some hot tea lemon honey on this Monday morning February 12th 2018 and the time is 7:16 a.m. Central Time

Awesome people

Good morning to all of my awesome people out there I am just hanging out drinking some hot tea with lemon and honey and I might just watch some
Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom
Created by
Butch Hartman.
Just hanging out I am still watching Danny Phantom it's a very good episode very good show I appreciate every little aspect what's inside of it of
Nickelodeon's Danny Phantom


GOOD MORNING I was going to post this but I had other things going on this morning.

Crazy weather

Good morning everyone I'm going to be busy deleting some of my post and that's about it.
It's been snowing quite a lot at that we've been having some crazy weather starting out in the year of 2018.
Good morning.
Good morning to all of the awesome people out there


Good morning everyone I'm going to be busy deleting some of my post and that's about it.

Rainy day

It's raining like cats and dogs

Good morning

Good morning



Hospital day

Just came back from the hospital


Good morning I have a doctor's appointment today


Good morning








Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thinking strange

Country music is of the devil


If you like it you like it if you happy I'm happy and if people says BS about it don't mind Them  Thank you

What's going on

What's up

Dangerous 1thing

I have been thinking and that could be a very dangerous thing.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Tayler Ivy Boncal

This thing with teachers and there students.
Some of you need to lay off of Tayler Ivy Boncal,
Because she is much more innocent then the teachers at Granite City School, one of the teachers that worked with the special needs had a student staying with her in her house 100% truth
The students talked about it during school about the teacher having a student stayed with her at her home
me myself I talked about it with my mom. The school known this was going on and they just looked like there wasn't no problems
Talk with your kids everyday after school.
Your kids just might be hiding something from you you should talk with them every day when they come home from school I got mistreated and bullied from the teachers.
If I was you parents put a tape record on a camera on something on your kids clothing because the teachers at your kid's school who will threaten your kids if you take anything out of this class I will be having a world with you when you come back to school

Sunlight opening