Monday, August 13, 2018

A true friend

A Friend.
A friend is somebody that
You will be together until the end of time through the good and bad.
A friend is somebody that you would not lie would not deceive or would not be a shamed being around them.
And they would trust you and your word.

A Friend.
If you're trying to tell your friend the truth about something or someone you would expect for them to believe you
Even if you asked your friend do you even believe me?
And if your friend replies with I kind of do believe you. That means they don't believe you.

A Friend.
I kind of do believe you. That means they don't believe you. how much I hate to say it they don't believe you you can tell them the truth over and over again they will not believe you because they don't​ trust you and friendship is all about trust.

A Friend
A friend would be somebody that would not assume that you would do something stupid to a particular information what you might need from them even if the information is easy to get.
Even if you try to tell your friend that you wood not do anything wrong.

A Friend.
A friend is somebody that would not believe somebody else if they know that there friend there true friend is telling them the real truth
And if they do not believe you that means they are not a friend at all.

A Friend.
Even if you know that your friend is telling you something that is not true but you can't call them out on it because they would think that they are correct.
If you say I'm going to do something and if I tell you I would not that means I am telling you the truth.

A Friend.
If your friend in them telling you that they do not believe you that means they don't believe anything that you got to say to them that is not a friend at all they are just using you because they don't have friends of Their Own.
And no I am no misfit.

A Friend.
I can talk about anything with anyone.
To talk to me you have to trust me to trust me you have to get to know me you can't assume and believe what you want about me if you think I am going to do evil I was not created for that.
I do not act like you and your friends

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