Monday, August 6, 2018

Tayler Ivy Boncal

This thing with teachers and there students.
Some of you need to lay off of Tayler Ivy Boncal,
Because she is much more innocent then the teachers at Granite City School, one of the teachers that worked with the special needs had a student staying with her in her house 100% truth
The students talked about it during school about the teacher having a student stayed with her at her home
me myself I talked about it with my mom. The school known this was going on and they just looked like there wasn't no problems
Talk with your kids everyday after school.
Your kids just might be hiding something from you you should talk with them every day when they come home from school I got mistreated and bullied from the teachers.
If I was you parents put a tape record on a camera on something on your kids clothing because the teachers at your kid's school who will threaten your kids if you take anything out of this class I will be having a world with you when you come back to school

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